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Maximizing Impact


Sophia Shaw and Associates specializes in strategic planning. We help clients fulfill their mission and maximize impact.

Sophia Shaw and Art Collins founded Acorn Advisors in 2015. Now, as Sophia Shaw and Associates, we advise leaders of nonprofit organizations, commercial corporations, and philanthropists. The intimate scale of our practice allows for a personal relationship with every client.

Our Clients

Helping people and organizations plan for success

  • Board Chairs
  • CEOs
  • Philanthropists

Project Expertise

For Board Chairs and CEOs

Strategic planning, board evaluation and governance review, organizational structure consulting, board chair coaching, succession planning

For Philanthropists

Philanthropic mission statement creation, when and how to join a board of directors, how to maximize impact as a board member, generational succession planning

For Small and Start-up Nonprofits

Now launching, PlanPerfect LLC:  Nonprofit Strategic Planning Made Easy. PlanPerfect is an all-in-one, end-to-end solution for small nonprofits to develop, review, track, and report on a strategic plan. Click here for more information.

Organization Expertise

  • Museums
  • Public gardens and conservatories
  • Land conservancies
  • Liberal arts colleges
  • Medical technology start-ups
  • Clubs and condominiums